Diamox is used to treat glaucoma and to treat and prevent acute mountain sickness (altitude sickness).

Acetazolamide generic. They don't mention the fact that generic versions with the Acetazolamide 3 - Per pill same dosage of drug are not always exactly the same in quality and are potentially more expensive. This is just one example of how the cost cancer drugs can be prohibitively high, and it is one of the reasons why we spend so much less on cancer research than many other major diseases, like coronary heart disease. According to the NIH, in 2013, cancer research was $8.7 billion. The price of generic versions biologics can also be prohibitive. When we think of what a "generic" biologic looks like, it can include multiple copies of the protein. For example, oncology drugs usually have one copy of cancer protein and one copy of normal protein. This is known as a single-copy disease. One of the most common forms single-copy disease is pancreatic cancer. A single-copy cancer tends to strike younger people who do not have many genetic mutations that can cause this disease. In contrast, a single-copy liver disease is often fatal or leads to serious long-term complications. Liver cancer drugs typically have two copies of the liver protein. Because there are so many different variations of single- copy disease, more commonly two copies of one the cancer proteins get substituted for one or two. Each drug contains both the disease protein for two copies and a normal protein each one has to be made by hand. The result is that many drugs have to be manufactured. These companies that manufacture biologics are also in business for profit and the price of their drugs is very high. Drugs that are made by the biotechnology companies often contain multiple copies of the disease protein. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto) The price of manufacturing one those liver drug could be approximately $200,000 per dosage if required for research and development. That means a typical cost for patient in a clinical trial can get as high $8000+ (in 2011 dollars). It is not always possible to determine or justify the cost of drug that's in the trial, but even for trials that are approved small sample sizes, the median price of a single-dose drug ranged from $9000 to $15,000 for multiple copies in 2011. Drug cost to the patient for that single dose can get into the 10's of thousand dollars. That raises the question; what, exactly, are costs of making the drug? This is why prices for biologic drugs also vary so widely. Because the costs of making a drug are often so high, some companies and even entire countries do not make these drugs in the countries that need them. They do it in the other countries. For example, in 2006, the U.S. Government stopped letting pharmaceutical companies distribute their cancer drugs in the U.S. because was losing pharmaceutical industry money on drugs that have to be sold in other countries. That same year, the U.K. stopped letting pharmaceutical companies distribute their drugs in the U.K. because costs were too high. That means, if we are going to do clinical trials for a new drug cancer, then it's important that the drug is approved and has a high cost. Some studies have shown that if a clinical trial is not funded, the results don't necessarily reflect quality of the drug. This is why question of how high the cost a drug.

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