Welcome to our Help & FAQ Page. Please use this page as a guide for our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the info you need on this page, please Contact Us for more help.

Q: Can I purchase item(s) from and pay for my order with a Check or Money Order?
A: We prefer not. BUT... If you see something on our site, that you really need, or can not find anywhere else, Contact Us and request to have the item(s) placed on hold for you (to insure that the item will still be in stock by the time your payment arrives). We will respond back (usually within 24 hours), with all of the payment & order info.

Q: How/When can I expect my item(s) to be shipped?
A: All of our shipping is done through USPS (Mail Class Options will be available during the Checkout Process). Most orders are shipped within 48 Hours after receipt of payment, excluding weekends & holidays (unless otherwise noted).

Q: Do you charge Sales Tax?
A: All orders placed by New Jersey residence are subject to a 7% State Sales Tax.

Q: After I get my order, can I return or exchange an item?
A: Before you Return anything, make sure you Contact Us for details. We will not accept back any items that have been altered in any way. Any item returned, will be good towards a replacement of the same item, or "store credit" only...

Q: What does "X" item come with? Does it include "X"???
A: There is a description and picture of what you will get. If it is not in either of those places, you do not get it. Some of our items include accessories (wiring diagrams, mounting hardware, etc...), and some Do Not. If you need something that pertains to an item that is not included, feel free to ask us if we have what you need available.

Q: Will this item fit on my "Episquire Lesocaster" ??? or My "Anybrand Xmodel" has a "X" type Bridge/Pickup/Part/Etc... Will this item be a direct replacement?
A: Maybe!!! Check for any measurements provided with the description (if you need to know something that is not mentioned Contact Us). When it comes to replacing a part on your guitar with one of a totally different style (such as changing the type of bridge), if you can't tell by the measurements, it is probably better for you to take your guitar to a pro Luthier and ask them if it is possible (because it probably needs to be routed, reshaped, drilled, etc...). 

Q: Some items have a Brand Name, and some are referred to as "X Style", why?
A: Some of the items we carry are made by a particular manufacturer (and it is noted when they are). Some of our items are standard aftermarket parts (may or may not have a "Brand Name") and are described as "X Style" because of the part or brand they are modeled after (this in no way reflects the quality of our product vs. the original). Any terms used (such as Fender- style, Strat-Stratocaster-style Tele-Telecaster-style, Gibson-Style, Les Paul Style, etc...) as well as any brands we may refer to, (such as Kramer, Charvel, Ibanez, Jackson, BC Rich, etc...) are strictly for descriptive purposes only, and are registered trademarks of their respective owners.