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Clomid is used for treating female infertility.

How can i order clomid online without having to have my doctor write it in on a prescription? what if i dont get to see my doctor when i need them and the time comes i have to choose the pill i want? how much time do i have to get into it? how much time do i have to pay for it? how do i buy clomid online? how much is it? does anyone know who could give me a quick summary of the procedure that i can find online? anyone know who would teach me how to do my online shopping? where can i get the stuff?? anyone? (edited on 7/2/2009 by nazisue) BabeSue Member Posts: 823 From: Canada Registered: Jul 2003 posted 08-02-2009 01:04 PM I have read that an ovulation predictor such as LH-CYT is used in fertility clinics, but I am not familiar with what it says or does. Does anyone know of a clinic where they used this? And if so, which clinic? BabeSue Member Posts: drug store online 823 From: Canada Registered: Jul 2003 posted 08-02-2009 01:19 PM I do want to try using Buying clomid cheap online this, is there a test for it? If so, how do I find out?? Also, since know you do not write prescriptions, I still need a refills? Will I still be able to get refills? I'm wondering since i have all the symptoms of low testosterone, but still have high estrogen. Thanks BabeSue Member Posts: 823 From: Canada Registered: Jul 2003 posted 08-02-2009 07:58 PM I have tried getting my hormone test done by doctor. It seems to be done at a laboratory in London. It will cost about $70. is a blood test that also tests estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. That means it will find the hormones that are different if you have a low testosterone level as well a that is high. I'm very excited because I have had it done before, and even if I did not have low testosterone, I still wanted to see how I would look if had one. The doctor has given me information about the test and tells me I will be receiving the results sometime in coming weeks. As well, he says how can i order clomid online his office will do a couple of things to test my testosterone see if levels are even low enough to qualify use clomid. I am so excited about the test and results!!! (edited on 8/2/2009 by BAbesue) Natalie Member Posts: 3909 From: San Diego, CA Registered: Jul 2002 posted on 08-02-2009 08:03 PM clomid order online Natalie The test will reveal any levels of estrogen or.

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Order clomid from canada. I just wanted it to be safe. i got this clomid from have a lot of problems on this site. site is all wrong. i got my clomid from japan. when i got it was given this information: do not have any problems with this product. is from the manufacturer of this product (so no chance of there being any problems). the first few days i was having problems with blood clots. i could get clots just from doing a routine vaginal exam. i think it is because of the low dose or i was at the wrong dosage (maybe it is just clomid) but i knew exactly what took. a low dose is 1 mg. and this low dose is 1/5 of the recommended dosage. i did a 1/2, and then final 1/2 Clomid 50mg $36.94 - $1.23 Per pill of the suggested dosage. on day 7 i noticed some swelling in my vagina. I had never noticed swelling in my vagina before. after about 2 weeks of taking clomid you get swelling and there is some clots. but because you are taking a low dose i am assuming the blood clotting is normal. about 10 years ago i got it in my legs and i had pain in my legs and hurt all the time. it was on my thighs the day a friend of mine had surgery to fix something. i went the doctor and he said it was just my legs because they hurt. now that i know clomid is my legs hurt. i am now taking it again so i can test a lower dose. and also after the first few days of taking clomid my level became very high. this was because of the pain. i had no problem taking clomid in the past and was very happy with how easy it was. now I have severe swelling and many problems with the blood clots in my legs and thighs. i have blood clots in the legs that i have had bleeding after sex. i do not know what to anymore. this is why i am asking everyone to take this product. i have read so many people who are having problems. please share your clomid dosage. anon63492 Post 23 I'm 16 and recently had my period. It is extremely painful and I am currently on medication for it. This was taken 2 weeks ago and I'm now pregnant. I have been told by one of my friends, that if someone gets pregnant from taking this, it's not worth doing because they could pass along the baby to baby. Does anyone know more about this? anon62080 Post 22 How to take a clomid. I am 17 and I'm also pregnant. I was told by my mom that I need to stop taking my clomid because I'm pregnant so I do not like being pregnant. Can anybody tell me how to stop taking clom.

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