Engraved Truss Rod Cover - Custom

This item is a Gibson Bell Style Trussrod Cover, that will be Custom Engraved with your Text. This cover will fit on several models of guitars, but is made to fit a Gibson guitar as shown in the picture. This piece will fit a Les Paul, SG, Explorer, ES, or any other that uses this style of cover on its headstock (the mounting holes are 52mm apart). Mounting Screws are included. This item is available in your choice of Chrome Stainless Steel, or a Gold Polished Solid Brass. These TrussRod Covers are 100% made in the USA.

!!!Please follow these simple instructions for ordering!!!

1. Select a Plate Color. All Plates are available in Steel (Chrome), or Brass (Gold).

2. Select a Design from the Chart below, and select it in the Pull-Down Menu.  (Anything other than the standard styles & designs below, must be approved before you purchase).

3. Personalize your plate. Let us know what text you want on your plate. Some designs have the option for 2 lines.

4. Add to Cart. And if you think we need more info for your plate, send it via Email once you complete checkout.